Disclosure & Responsibility

This site uses affiliate links,  I do receive a small fee from purchases made from these links, it does not cost you any extra but helps me if you purchase through my links.

Some,  but not all of the products reviewed here were sent to me either free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion / review,  that in no way influences my review,  the companies who send these products out for review are not promised a good review,  just an honest one.

Many of my reviews are positive ones,  mainly because I am very picky about what I choose to review,  I don't pick things just because they are free or a good deal,  these are items I am personally interested in and want to try.  But that being said,  if I am not happy with something,  I'll let you know,  and if I do a review and something changes later,  I'll revise my review.

My responsibility as a reviewer,  both to the companies and to you my followers is to be honest,  be detailed in my review, only review items I'm truly interested in, complete my reviews in a reasonable amount of time,  use as many resources as reasonably possible for my reviews-detailed written word-photographs-videos,  post on as many sites as I reasonably can-blogs-Amazon-FaceBook-Instagram-Twitter.

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