Saturday, October 8, 2016

What's happening in review land

There has been a lot happening on Amazon pertaining to doing reviews "IN EXCHANGE FOR" free or discounted products. I am continuing to do reviews on other channels, here on YouTube, my blog, FaceBook, Twitter and the such, but for now I'm holding off on doing reviews on free or discounted items until I get a better idea of what is being accepted and not accepted on Amazon.

Some of my reviews are disappearing, a few each day, I'm not worried about it, so far I haven't received an email from Amazon about all of this, some reviewers have. Even if they remove ALL of my reviews done on free or discounted items, I still have over 100 reviews from items I have purchased at full price, I'm not a big fish in the review pond, and I always followed their rules.

The FTC requires that you give a disclosure (or disclaimer) if you have a financial interest in what you are reviewing, since I typically (though not always) include an affiliate link to Amazon, I will continue to include a disclosure (or disclaimer) that I did receive the item free or at a discount to try, and purchasing through the included link, I will get a small commission, though it does not affect your buying experience in any way.

For the record, my reviews have always been done with the utmost integrity and respect, if a product is not good, I'll let you know, I do my best to pick out items I am truly interested in, I don't get things just because they are a good deal or free. I have no interest in giving positive reviews to less than stellar items just get more free or discounted goodies. I have been disappointed in some items, but for the most part, the items work as described, my reviews reflect that, and I also let you know if something is just my opinion... ie if I don't like how something smells, that is a subjective thing and I'll let you know that. For example, I received a deodorant to try, it worked but I didn't like how it smelled, so I gave it a good rating based on how it worked, but noted that I didn't care for the scent, someone else might like the scent, I felt it was important to get across that the deodorant did work as advertised even if I didn't care for the scent.

If you have any questions, please ask below in the comments, I appreciate your feedback.


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