Saturday, October 8, 2016

Na'trition Turmeric Energy review

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This is Na'trition Turmeric Energy with BioPerine, I like taking turmeric supplements, especially the ones that are concentrated down to the 95% Curcuminoid, some companies add a tiny bit of the 95% stuff to a lot of the regular turmeric powder and call it 95%, this company chose to go the other way, making the 95% come in at 300 mg and the straight turmeric powder at 160 mg. They also add other ingredients like BioPerine (black pepper) to help the turmeric be absorbed better. They add olive leaf extract and resveratrol, as well as an assortment of veggies, something I don't get enough of... is it enough to really make a difference? I don't know, but getting some is better than getting none at all.

I use turmeric in place of ibuprofen and aspirin for daily use, it does work to keep down the little aches and pains of day to day living, especially getting older. I don't have to worry about the side effects of taking ibuprofen or aspirin on a regular basis if I'm not taking it :)

Does this particular version give me energy? Probably not much, does it help with those little aches and pains? Yes. #TurmericEnergy #WrethaReviews (affiliate link-purchasing through this link does not cost you any extra but helps support this channel and is greatly appreciated)

I received this at a discount to try.

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