Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Suzaru black ceramic chef knife review

I'm not one to wear bling, but give me some bling for my kitchen, especially something that works as well as this, and I'm a happy cook! This chef's knife is wonderful, I have used it like crazy ever since receiving it, mainly to cut up vegetables - carrots, celery, onions - the holy trinity of soup. It slices like a dream, being ceramic it doesn't flex or bend, and it's SHARP, it can cut an onion thin enough that it almost isn't there anymore.

I appreciate the classy box it comes in, it can be stored in that when you aren't using it, I also appreciate the blade sheath to protect the blade for when I start putting it in my knife drawer.

I received this at a discount in exchange for my review, that does not guarantee a positive review, only that they will get one, and it was my pleasure to give a positive review on this one. #SUZARU_CERAMIC_KNIFE #WrethaReviews (affiliate link-purchasing through this link does not cost you any extra but helps support this channel and is greatly appreciated)

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