Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SSIG Bluetooth earbuds review

These are a great set of bluetooth earbuds, they sound great, they fit great and are comfortable, that being very important to me, if something isn't comfortable, I don't care how good they sound, I'll not wear them, these are very comfortable. I used them to watch/listen to several TV shows on my laptop, the sound was rich and full, and they lasted about the amount of time they say they will, about 4 and a half hours being used the majority of that time. They came already charged, when I hooked them up to the charger right out of the box, they almost immediately began to flash blue, which is the sign that they have a full charge. I give these a huge thumbs up. #SSIGearbuds #WrethaReviews

I received these free to try (affiliate link-purchasing through this link does not cost you any extra but helps support this channel and is greatly appreciated)

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