Friday, September 23, 2016

Five Joy Hiking Gaiters review

These are the first gaiters like this I have ever had, I live on a mountain side, in the high desert of far west Texas, we have LOTS of brush, prickers and other scratchy pokey get into your shoes and tear your pants kinds of things, we have lots of fun hiking opportunities out here. When I first received these, there aren't any instructions so I referred to the picture on Amazon to determine the correct way to put them on, the logo goes on the outside of your legs, the velcro closure goes on the front, the hook at the front bottom hooks on your laces. One thing I would change if it were a perfect world is to put the buckle on the inside (as opposed to the outside) of your ankle, facing together, that would make it easier to get to, especially two handed, it's not a big problem, I'm just going to wear them on the opposite side (left for right) so the buckles will be on the inside for me.

It was brought to my attention by a cowboy, the buckles are supposed to be on the outside, like spurs that have the buckles on the outside, it keeps you from locking the buckles together as you walk and doing a faceplant. So I would wish for velcro instead of buckles.

They did protect my pants and kept things out of my hiking shoes, I stayed dry, a few plants got caught in the buckles but it wasn't a problem. They look sharp, everyone commented on them (good things).
I would say, don't go by your shoe size, I purchased a large, if I were going strictly by my shoe size I should have ordered a medium and I'm quite certain that would have been too small for me around the upper calf area. Measure the circumference of your calf and the height, those measurements are included in the sizing. The velcro and buckles make it adjustable, so err toward the larger size because you can snug them up. I will say again, your shoe size is much less important, you can have a small shoe size and a larger leg or have a large shoe size and a smaller leg, personally I don't think they should include the shoe size in the mix, just the measurements around the top and the length.
These will protect you from prickers, stickers, rocks, dirt, moisture, snow... but these are NOT SNAKE GAITERS, they are thin nylon material, and are in no way meant to protect you from snake bites, the company does not claim they are snake gaiters, don't make the mistake of thinking they might protect you from that. Snake gaiters are much thicker, tougher and cost a LOT more. I live in rattlesnake country, we encounter 3 different types out here on a regular basis, rock rattlers, black tail and mojave. I was hoping these might afford some protection, but that's not what these are made for.

I like them and give them 5 stars on Amazon. I received these at a discount in exchange for my review. #FiveJoy #WrethaReviews (affiliate link-purchasing through this link does not cost you any extra but helps support this channel and is greatly appreciated)

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