Friday, July 22, 2016

I can't recommend this knife 👎

I always feel bad when I give a negative review, and this is no different, I always try to find some redeeming quality, and it's just not here. It's not a case of a broken or defective  item,  or something the manufacturer can repair. I am a merchandiser and use a knife on a daily basis,  it doesn't have to be an expensive one,  I usually carry a Carolina knife that cost me $10, I like it because it works, it's sharp (and stays that way), the action is smooth,  both opening and closing.

So back to this knife. When I first got it, I opened the box and passed it around to my friends, showing off the knife and case. As we passed it around,  we began to notice we all had blue fingers,  whatever the case is made of was rubbing off on our skin in large quantities.  It was a struggle to remove the knife from the case, I saw another reviewer who was a healthy looking man having the same trouble getting it freed from the case...  OK,  I didn't buy it for the plastic case, I could overlook that.

I took the knife to work with me for a day,  honestly I was wishing I had my other knife,  but I gave this one a good try. The nylon carrying sheath is OK,  the knife is almost too thick to comfortably slip in and out of the sheath, there were other issues with the sheath but I didn't buy it for the sheath either.

I cut open boxes at work, not a lot but a few each day, there are 2 kinds of tape I deal with,  fiberglass embedded and clear plastic. This knife struggled with both,  I actually had to saw the tape,  I expect a knife to be sharp right out of box,  at least sharp enough to cut through tape. This is a stainless steel blade,  which isn't known for holding an edge like carbon steel.

The action of the knife,  opening and closing is terrible,  it's not smooth,  it's quite stiff, I even saw a puff of dust come from the knife when I opened it in the sunlight, I have no idea what that was,  perhaps a dry lubricant? It does lock open, I didn't feel like it would shut by accident. Unlocking the knife to close it is not easy either.

All in all,  I reluctantly have to give this one star.  I received this free in exchange for my honest opinion /review.
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