Sunday, July 24, 2016

Earbuds review

I go through earbuds like crazy, I don't know who or how I'm so hard on them... So I'm always looking for my next pair, these were the ones I chose this time. When I first opened them, they looked odd and because of their shape, only fit one way in your ears. They don't come with different sized earbuds but they are soft enough I think they will fit most people's ears, they fit me just fine.

They have a long cord, they also have a slider that turns the volume up & down as well as an answer phone button. They sound pretty good, I don't listen to much music, preferring to listen to audiobooks and podcasts, they work just fine for that, and they sound good for music.

Once you take them out of the case they come in, it's near impossible to put them back in, but that's OK, I don't plan on storing them there. I am satisfied with these earbuds.

I received this free in exchange for my honest opinion /review. #earbudsAe8 #acctrend #WrethaReviews

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