Friday, July 22, 2016

Can a car charge adapter be a sensual experience?

It's a funny thing,  I tend not to notice how dusty my truck is here in far west Texas until I snap a picture 😤...  Nevertheless, I'm here to review this charger. I use 12 volt chargers just like everyone else does,  I have had several over the last few years,  they are pretty standard,  they fit in the cigarette lighter or auxiliary port in my truck.  All the ones I've had before were hard to go in,  there was a roughness I could feel as I forced it to go in.

Now bring in this car charger,  when I opened the package,  this charger felt different in my hand,  there was a sleekness,  an elegance,  I know,  it's just a charger, right? When I inserted it into the cigarette lighter socket,  it went in like it had been designed just for mine! It was SMOOTH, I spun it in the socket and it was still smooth,  I didn't have to force it.  The fit was perfect,  I don't worry that it might fall out,  but sliding it in and removing this charger is almost a pleasureable experience... Yes I know,  we are still talking about a car charger 😮😊

The charger itself emits a soft blue light in a ring around the outer edge,  I don't like bright LED lights messing with my night vision as I drive,  I've been known to put opaque tape over obnoxiously bright LED lights,  this has a pleasant soft blue light that let's me know where the charger is in the dark and that it is working.

It does have 2 different USB charging slots,  I am using the standard (larger) one. It charges my phone,  it charges my tablet,  I'm happy with it.

I received this free in exchange for my honest opinion /review.

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